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Global Hackathon Competition 2017

Watermark & Logo Detector API

Watermark/Logo detection tool

With our API you can automate detection of watermarks/logos in images.


  • Imagine the power of connecting Stripe with our Watermark/logo detection API to monetize 3rd party logos!
  • Couldn’t it be possible to automate the watermark removal process with Watermark/logo detection API and  algorithms such as ”content aware fill” in Photoshop or  Resynthesizer for GIMP?

Real Estate Visual Recognition API

Home Spaces  API

The API recognizes home scenes such as a terrace, kitchen, dining area, living room, bedroom, and much more. We trained the model to achieve an accuracy close to 99%!  There are many benefits of using this tool in the Real Estate industry for SEO, Conversion optimization, Business intelligence, Management of visual assets. Do you have an ingenious way to use our API for another (automation) purpose?

  • Integrate it as a plugin for any kind of browser, CMS or digital asset management system …
  • Integrate our API with a tracking tool to analyze the conversion rate?

Home features API

Our image recognition API is developed and well-trained with an accuracy close to 99% for the Real Estate market to recognize home scenes and features of the image (Coffered Ceiling, Natural Light, Fireplace, Hardwood Floor…).

  • Integrate it as a plugin for any kind of browser, CMS or digital asset management system …

Automotive API

Car Make-Model

Our API is trained to recognize car models from every angle possible, bad and good quality. This is an interesting feature of our model as the automotive industry is one of the biggest and used for many marketing purposes.

  • Unlock your own ideas!

Car View

This API is trained to identify car views such as corner view, front view, motor, wheel, dashboard interior and much more. With this API we go a little bit deeper into the car perspective by identifying different parts of the car in an image.

  • Bring out your wildest ideas!
“Our technology lets empower business and apps with state-of-the-art true AI easier than ever.” Angel Esteban


“Nowadays we have enough data and computation power to make Artificial Intelligence understand the world around us.” Xavi Hernando

Co-founder and Data scientist

“We are so excited developing advanced Deep Learning technologies that improve significantly the human brain capacities. restb clients and partners are already benefiting from it.” Damià G. Priu

VP Business Development

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