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Why Computer Vision Technology Is The Future Of Car Listing Portals

Artificial intelligence may have fallen short of the 20th century’s science fiction expectations. In 2016, we are not served by armies of humanoid robots, our cars don’t fly through the air, and our vacations are not being booked by interplanetary travel agencies. However, its steady pace of development has brought it to the focus of attention of some of the biggest trendsetters on the web. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg believes computers will soon have more advanced perception of this world than humans.

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How Real Estate Listing Sites Use Image Recognition For A Better Visual Search Experience

In today’s digital world, real estate shopping has moved almost exclusively online. Real estate listing portals, such as Zillow or Trulia, have helped usher in the era of visual search as the future of buying or selling your home online. They’ve gotten so popular in fact, that many of the top real estate portals are managing over one million new images per day as sellers and realtors want to provide the best presentation of their home and users demand to see every nook and cranny before actually visiting the property. read more…

5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Disrupting Real Estate

Artificial Intelligence seemed to promise so much, robot butlers or a useful companion that comes as part of the fridge. Intelligent technology seemed to be industry standard by about 2015, according to the popular culture of the early 90s…Yet the reality has never quite lived up to the futuristic fantasy.

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