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Reliable Intelligent Image Understanding

Take advantage of the state-of-the -art artificial intelligence deep learning technologies to automate tasks such as image and text classification, voice recognition, and more..

Automate tasks

Machines can do most of human tasks faster, tireless and extremely accurate powered by our last deep learning technology.

Save time and cost

We provide an extremely easy-to-use solution to empower your applications with True Artificial Intelligence via API. Don’t worry about complex developments, or machine computation power.

Expert team

Our expert team can help you to analyze how our technology can help your company to improve process or offer better services and build the most suitable AI for your needs.

Automatic image recognition

Lion, king of beasts: 100 %

Arabian camel, dromedary, Camelus dromedarius: 0%

chow chow: 0 %

bison: 0 %

Friendly RESTful API


JSON Result:

{"response": {"probabilities": [[["lion, king of beasts, Panthera leo", 0.9997414350509644], 
["Arabian camel, dromedary, Camelus dromedarius", 0.00013791394303552806], 
["chow, chow chow", 2.5196113710990176e-05], ["bison", 1.6959493223112077e-05]]]}, 
"error": "false"}

Use cases

Content moderation

Our technology is able to deliver new levels of content moderation to apps and websites. If you are using a human manual moderation service because traditional computer vision algorithms do not provide the necessary precision, take the next step to our state of the art deep learning technology.


Medical imaging centers, hospitals, and medical scanning hardware manufacturers stand to benefit the most from these developments as they promise to reduce cost by an order of magnitude while preserving or even improving accuracy when compared to a human expert.


A new world of biological research is coming with Deep Learning. For example, “sequencing a genome” is something that can be done cheaper than ever. This has the side effect of generating enormous amounts of machine data that is very difficult to analyze.



“Our technology lets empower business and apps with state-of-the-art true AI easier than ever.”

Ángel Esteban

Co-founder & CEO

“Nowadays we have enough data and computation power to make Artificial Intelligence understand the world around us.”

Xavi Hernando

Co-founder & Data Scientist

 “Artificial Intelligence is ready for your business.”

Fabio Hallwyler


“We are so excited developing advanced Deep Learning technologies that improve significantly the human brain capacities. restb clients and partners are already benefiting from it.”

Damià G. Priu

VP Business Development

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