Real Estate Image Recognition Solutions

Provide your consumers with an enjoyable experience and an amazing decision-making process by using restb Image Recognition technology.

Solve low-level and repetitive tasks in a very easy and fast way spending less costs than using humans. Take advantage of the state-of-the-art artificial intelligence with a simple HTTP Restful API call.

Improve your Real Estate easier and faster than ever.

How It Works

Pictures correctly categorized. Extremely accurated results with amazingly fast performance.

Large Amount Of Image Content

There might be tons of new images uploaded by your users every day. The best way to keep everything in its place is by categorizing all this content, but here is when the big challenge comes…

The Challenge

It’s known that sorting these images is very important because it drastically improves the site’s user experience. But they all come without any structured meta-data and you need to use expensive human labor to correctly categorize them or you will have to present these images in a random order, giving you a big disavantadge against your competitors.

Automate your categorization processes!

With restb’s Image Recognition API, you can categorize all these photos in a fast and efficient way. Your images are processed by our systems, analyzing them and suggesting the categories they represent in real time.

Custom categories

Our Real Estate Classifier has more than 20 predefined home spaces categories including bathroom, kitchen, terrace, graden and others. Anyway, you can train your own classifier if you need to. Our technology allows you to define categories that are specific for your particular use-case. That way we can recognize more accurately what’s on the image in the context and sense important for you.

 Use Cases

The Right Photos For The Right Shoppers

Ensure consumers are seeing the most engaging and relevant content for them by organizing the pictures in different ways.

Let’s suppose a market segment (large families, for example) whose priority when choosing their perfect place to live is having a swimming pool or a big garden. Wouldn’t it be great if you could feature these specific pictures in your listings and show the user exactly what he is looking for?

Boost Your Listings Quality

Often, listings don’t come with all relevant pictures when uploaded to a website. The more information consumers have, the better will their experience be. This means that they will spend more time consuming your product.

For example, a seller is talking about a beautiful garden in the property description, but there are no garden pictures in this listing. This may be confusing for potencial customers as they can’t see how that ‘beautiful garden’ looks like.

Spam Moderation

Avoid spammy images from being uploaded. With restb Image Recognition API, moderators are not needed any more.

Spammers are all over the place and your site is also in their sight. Prevent that they upload images non related to your business.

Case Studies

The lazy but efficient seller

Anything that makes easier to upload a listing for the sellers will improve the chances for them to add more information and make the website way more useful.

With restb Image Recognition API, you can suggest to your property sellers a category for all the pictures that they upload, making for them very easy to upload more and more listings with a full description.



Tindering Model Disrupts The Real Estate Portals

We are developing a prototype to gamify the Real Estate Industry. It’s an app that allows the user to choose their favorite home space (kitchen, for example) and swipe the listings only based of their first impression of the kitchen picture.

World’s leading AI technology

Our technology provides extremely accurated results with amazingly fast performance.


Our algorithms can approach or beat human accuracy in visual recognition tasks.


Real-time predictions in miliseconds powered by tons of computation power.


Ready for critical production environments. We scale at your demand.

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